Police ‘baffled’ by two Sutton stabbings in one week.

Two days ago, after some digging and with help from a good friend who knows how to retrieve ‘lost’ items online, we found and copied the following news report from the BBC news:         

Police ‘baffled’ by two Sutton stabbings in one week

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward following two stabbings in the same week in the Sutton area. The two victims, both male and in their early 40s, were stabbed in the neck. So far no evidence of a weapon has been found in or near the vicinity of the two separate attacks and police are said to be puzzled by the apparent random nature of the crimes.

The first victim, a 42-year-old white male who police have not named, died at the scene of the attack, which took place on Sutton Bridge on Saturday 22 November. So far     no details have been released about the second victim who was stabbed on Pelham Street yesterday afternoon. Police believe the two crimes are connected and that the same weapon was used in both attacks.

Detective Chief Inspector Jeffery from the Met’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit gave the following statement: ‘We are treating these crimes as linked; the person who committed them is extremely dangerous and we are certain he, or she, must have medical knowledge or training given the nature of the wounds inflicted on both victims. We are appealing for any witnesses to come forward who might have any information about this case as a matter of urgency.’

This news report appeared online on 24 November 2015 but there have been no updates since then. After a thorough search I have not found any further reports about the murders on the BBC news website or in any other online news site, in print or broadcast (between us we have conducted a thorough search). More significantly, after we found the report two days ago all traces of it have since been removed from the BBC website. It is now impossible to trace or prove beyond any doubt that it ever existed.

Jo Delgardi


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