Dear reader

The book is finally complete:


Click here to get your copy.

As stated in my previous post, the contents of the book are based mainly on Emma Fielding’s diary entries and pieces she wrote for her therapy sessions with me, as well as those included in the package sent to me after she disappeared. They are also based on my own further investigation into her case since December 2015, and some filling in of the gaps in her story.

I can have no control over whether anyone will believe this astonishing evidence, nor the final account set out in the book. I can only ask that you, the reader, keep an open mind and at the same time remember that, as is the case with so many victims of domestic abuse, Emma Fielding has a long and distressing history of not being believed, and for this reason alone she deserves your credulity.

As for my own part, through my ongoing investigation into Emma Fielding’s disappearance, I intend to uncover the truth about what happened, even though, from the evidence uncovered so far, that very truth places the whole of humanity in extreme peril. It must also lead you, the reader, to one inevitable and terrifying conclusion: that the presence of something supernatural, something anomalous and horrific ‘living’ in alien form here on earth, can no longer be dismissed as simple flight of fancy or considered to exist purely in the minds of the delusional or the criminally insane.

Dr Jo Delgardi

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